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Company Profile

Enterprise Size

Our company was founded in 2012, mainly manufactures accessories for the mainstream Smartphones and Tablet Computers.
Our Company is situated in Hong Kong, China.

Product Design

Our products are designed based on end-consumers’ practical demands, reasonable structure and appearance, cost price ratio and so on, we strive to create fashionable and affordable products. So our products were exposed by many well-known overseas media. For example, our foldable speaker won Top 50 best Inventions of the year (2009) by TIME Magazine and Top 10 best holiday gift by New York Post. Our mini projectors and Padora Smart purse was chose as Top Gadgets by UK Vogue, GQ, and other Magazines.

Marketing Promotion

In order to help the consumers better understand the characteristics of our products and then accept them, we attached great importance to marketing promotion. We did a lot of visual design and demonstration props. We also worked with our distributors closely to expand the sales channels and execute standardized visual system together.

Sales Channels

Our products are exported to the major retail channels in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and more than 20 countries and regions such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Radio Shack, Amazon, QVC Online and so on. Since our products are novel and with reasonable price, many of large brands chose our products as their promotional gifts.

Quality Control

Each component of our products must be passed the test of our QC, including the housing part, electronic components, printing, packaging and so on. The whole unit must be 100% passed the inspection of function and appearance again after the completion of assembly. Systematically training programs are offered to all our production line worker, they are capable of implementing the production procedures. They can effectively reduce the defective rate of products.

Certificates And Patents

All our products are owned the Invention, Design, Utility model patents and other intellectual property rights. We also have RoHS, CE and FCC certificates of all our products.

Social Audit

In order to enable the employees to get better benefits from the development of company, apart from enforcing the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China strictly, we continue to give staffs a lot of extra rewards and vacation through various incentive policies.

Company Philosophy

Continue to create excellent products, continue to improve the deficiencies of management, continue to improve the quality and service. We believe: There is no best, only better!

4 Advantages

Design Advantage

Our company has independent R & D and design departments, in order to ensure the success rate of product development, we have done a lot of market investigation and components optimization before design. Our design concept is to create more useful, more convenient, more stylish and more affordable products.

Production Advantage

We only focus on the production of our own products, so that we can be much easier to manage production, materials, personnel and other links than the common OEM companies, which makes us do better and stronger of our several products.

Service Advantage

We not only provide a general sales and follow-up service, we also provide a complete sales solution. Such as international web design, presentation props design and manufacture, dynamic and voice product demonstrations.

Quality Standards

We make meticulous and precision product design in order to avoid possible problems during production process. We have strict standards with our products’ appearance, structure and function of components. Each product must pass various testing more than 5 times. Therefore, our defective rate is always controlled under 0.5%.

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