ICamba goes green. New Partnership with Desert Greening


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How many trees are a forest? Through your sponsorship, you will provide valuable, urgently needed start-up aid for the project Desert
Greening and help to create a microclimate in the middle of the desert. The result is a green 2 km wide wave that will cross the Sahara from Morocco to Saudi Arabia. People can settle here and sustain their existence in the long term. As a result, the green wave becomes wider and the desert is pushed back.
A permanent microclimate is thus created. Desert becomes habitable land – initially as a chain of individual enclaves at a distance of 500 kilometers, later than two kilometers wider, closed, wavy belt. In this way, refugees from Africa can be accommodated in a newly created settlement area and learn how to heal the climate and the desert with forest and agriculture.

Tree sponsorships are also great gifts for people who love the development of our planet.

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